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Redox / ORP Meter

Redox / ORP Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

ORP stands for oxidation and reduction potential, it is the measure of cleanliness of the water. It is measured in mV ( Milli Volts). pH / ORP / TDS / Conductivity is some of the most common and basic tests for water parameters used by every industry using water as there base media.

These industries range from water treatment plants, Aquaculture,  chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, Koi fish ponds, Fish culture ponds, swimming pools etc and the lists is endless.

We can provide you with accurate and economically priced Redox / ORP meters which are made of rigid ABS plastic with replaceable probes, these can be used for commercial as well as domestic application.

The value or readings obtained from the ORP meter dictates the purity of water and as the quality of the water has its effects on everything that uses this water it is vital to know the accurate values/readings.

The minimum dissolved oxygen levels in a Koi fish pond should be about 5.0 milligram per litre, ideally, it should be around 7 - 8 milligrams per Litre. The Dissolved oxygen content is always related to the water temperature i.e, warm water can hold only less dissolved oxygen compared to cold water.

ORP meter can be used for any and all applications with respect to water parameter analysis, ranging from water purification to hydroponics, to aquariums, to industrial wastewater treatment.

Calibration of Redox / ORP metres is equally important since a calibrated Redox metre will give a more accurate reading and will increase the life of the equipment. It is recommended to calibrate your equipment every 3 months or after every 10 to 20 test.

For Aquaculture 150- 250 mV and for swimming pools, 400 -600 mV are some ideal reading ranges.

For more details about the cost, model and for any other information kindly get in touch with us we will be happy to help.

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