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TDS Meter

TDS Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

TDS meter can be used for any and all applications, ranging from water purification to hydroponics, to aquariums, to industrial wastewater treatment. 

Total dissolved solids  (TDS) is the measurement of total amount of minerals salt or metals dissolved in a given sample of water for which the results are shown in milligrams per litre it is also commonly referred to as parts per million. (1 ppm = 1 mg per liter = mg/Liter)

The value or readings obtained for TDS dictates the purity of water and by which the quality of water source/purification systems / Biofilters can be ascertained. The quality of the water has its effects on everything that uses this water.

TDS  Meter for Sale

The TDS place a Vital role in in the water parameters which are used for aquaponics swimming pool and forced response. Since some fishes are very sensitive to the TDS level of the water provided for them to live in. TDS is very closely related to the ORP Levels in water the if the ORP values are high the TDS levels are Low and vice versa

TDS  Meter for Sale

It is very important to measure and monitor the TDS level of Aqua pond water on a regular basis for the following reasons,

  • (a) to check the condition of your water source, filters, and pipelines,

  • (b) The constant level of minerals is in range as it is necessary for all marina & aquatic life.

  • (c)It is mandatory to maintain the water parameters in a Swimming pool and Fishpond and any such changes shall be noted and corrective action shall be taken at the earliest opportunity.

For drinking waters the TDS levels ideally should be between 300 -500 PPM And One should not drink water with TDS levels below 80 PPM.

A high level of TDS is an indicator of potential concerns and should be addressed with utmost care. Most often, high levels of TDS are caused by the presence of common salts like potassium, chlorides and sodium.

These ions have some negligible or nil immediate effects on the pond ecology. But toxic ions like mercury and lead may also be dissolved in the water can have serious consequences.

Therefore it is adviced that the water samples should be sent for detailed analysis at regular intervals or whenever deemed necessary.

Even the best water purification and Biofiltration systems are mandatorily require monitoring for TDS to ensure the filters and/or membranes are performing effectively as designed our water.

Calibration of TDS metres is equally important since calibrated TDS metre will give a more accurate reading and will increase the life of the equipment. It is recommended to calibrate your equipment every 3 months or after every 10 to 20 test.

For more details about the cost, model and for any other information kindly get in touch with us we will be happy to help.

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