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pH Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

pH Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

The pH meter measures how acidic or alkaline the fish pond or swimming pool water is, which is very crucial in keeping a fish pond or Swimming pool. The measurement of correct values of pH plays a very important factor in effective aquaculture methods. And in some case of Aqua-farming and expensive fish pets like Koi Fishes, the loss is immeasurable.

The pH meters are out of high-quality ABS plastic with Ip 64 rating pH meters combine utmost accuracy and precision with ease of use and low maintenance. Many Model options are available for a wide range of Truly the right choice for a wide range of applications for both in-line and off-line measurements.

Potable Models are available for Swimming pool and Aquaculture use. In-line models are used in swimming pool as well as in aquaculture automation where you have dosing pumps to bring the water parameters to its ideal levels.

pH Meter for Sale

pH Meter for Sale

These pH meters have a wide range of application such as for swimming pools, Aqua-farming, Aquaculture, Hydro phonics, Sewage water treatment Plants, Water Purification Plants, Koi Fish Ponds are few examples.

Our koi fish pond pH metres will give you an accurate reading and are very durable. with time and through use, all pH sensors are affected by their measuring environment and require cleaning, calibrations and adjustments to ensure accurate and precise measurements.

Our pH meter comes with two buffer solutions for calibration and one soaking solution for storage. The soaking solution will protect the sensors from atmospheric contaminants.

pH Meter for Sale

pH Meter for Sale

Calibration of pH metres is very important since calibrated pH metre will give a more accurate reading and will increase the life of the equipment. It is recommended to calibrate your equipment every 3 months or after every 10 to 20 test.

For more details about cost and for model details or for any other related information kindly get in touch with us we will be happy to help.

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