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Salt Chlorination Systems for Swimming Pool

Salt Chlorination Systems for Swimming Pool

Salt Chlorination Systems for Swimming Pool has many advantages over traditional chlorine-treated swimming pool water, Many customers opt for salt chlorination often while renovating their pools. The SWE converts salt, present in low concentrations in the pool water, to Chlorine that disinfects your pool, killing bacteria and algae. 

There are many benefits to having a salt chlorination system in your pool some of them are discussed below.

Saltwater chlorination functions by generating chlorine by electrolysis from the dissolved salt in swimming pool water using a chlorine generator. This Generator is also commonly known as the salt cell/ salt generator/ salt chlorinator or SWG. By using a salt water chlorination system customers need not add any chlorine directly to the pool, instead, it utilizes the added salt and a chlorine generator.

Salt Chlorination System

Advantages of Salt Chlorination for Swimming Pool

#1 – No harsh chemicals

Since chlorine is generated from the dissolved salts in the saltwater pool, the free chlorine levels are always monitored by the Generator and the free chlorine is generated as per demand, so there are no high chlorine levels and it is not necessary to add any extra chemicals to sanitising the swimming pool water. Therefore it is not necessary to keep stock or to store or handle harsh and toxic chemicals often.

This means the pool maintenance is very eco-friendly and also safe pool maintenance personnel. Also, there is no strong chlorine odour in and around the pool.

Salt Chlorination System

#2 – Minimal maintenance

The swimming pools with salt water chlorination systems require very little maintenance. The best thing about a saltwater pool is that these pools can maintain and clean the pool themselves with no or little attention required. There is no need for constantly adding sanitizers and Chemicals to the pool water.

However, it is necessary that at regular intervals the pool water should be tested for parameters like pH, alkalinity, ORP ( Oxidation - reduction potential) and water hardness to ensure a healthy swimming pool. Since the level of sanitizers is constantly monitored and maintained by the salt generator in a saltwater pool, algae are less likely to grow, therefore requires only less scrubbing, cleaning and Vacuuming hours.

Salt Chlorination System

#3 – Health Benefits

In comparison with to traditional chlorine-treated pools swimming in Saltwater pools is healthier for swimmers enjoying the water. As salt water is softer on the skin, eyes and hair.

Additives and high levels of chlorine which are normally present in traditional Chlorinated swimming pools are responsible for the eye and skin irritation often experienced by swimmers.

These problems of skin and eye irritations are absent in the swimming pool with a chlorine generator which makes this water ideal for swimming even for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

#4 – Cost-effective

While the initial cost of a saltwater pool may be quite high, the system is extremely cost-effective in the long run, and the cost of the salt chlorinator will soon pay for itself as the price of salt is relatively cheap versus that of regular chlorine.

The ideal saline concentration of a salt-chlorinated pool is very low ie, <3,500ppm, the threshold for human perception of salt by taste. Ideal salt concentration range is 2,700 to 3,400 PPM (parts per million).

Very little salt is required annually to sustain the salt concentration. The amount of salt needed will also depend on the rain and water loss due to backwashing and evaporation.

Salt Chlorination System

#5 – The Comfort of Salt Water.

Since chlorine levels are very low, yet still effective, swimmers will not be subject to dry skin, red eyes, discoloured hair and discoloured swimsuits. Making for a comfortable experience in the water.

The average salt levels are usually in the 3000-5000 ppm, and the Ph level is maintained between 7.2 - 7.8, it is recommended to keep the Ph level near to 7.2.

#6 – Salt Chlorination is Versatile

A salt chlorination system can be installed in any type of water body or pools, whether it be a small Jacuzzi in the home or a large commercial swimming pool. Installing a saltwater system is also very simple and can easily be completed by a professional swimming pool equipment installer.

They convert salt, present in low concentration in the pool water, into Chlorine that disinfects your pool, killing bacteria and algae before reverting back to salt and continuing the sanitation cycle.

The model should be chosen based on the pool volume and the bather load in general for pools with volume up to 80m3 14.2 g/h and for pools up to 150 m3 volume 26 g/h. for more info kindly get in touch with us.

Our Prime products are pumps, filters, heat pumps, Salt chlorination systems, Laminar Jets, spas, steam & sauna cabin and a wide range of pool fittings. Besides this, we provide complimentary items such as pool cover, overflow gratings, light fittings, etc. Today, hundreds of worldwide customers enjoy the splash and warmth of our pools and spas.

Salt Chlorination System

We also deal in porcelain mosaic swimming pool tiles which are also ideal for floors, decorative domes, walls and pillars.

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