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Skimmers for Swimming Pools And Fish Ponds

Skimmers for Swimming Pools And Fish Ponds

The skimmer is one of the main equipment used in filtering the water of Swimming pools or a Koi Fish pond to help maintain it clean. Skimmers are normally installed during the primary stages of pool or pond construction.

Skimmers play a vital role in Pond filtration system it basically removes the floating fallen debris like dust, pollen, insects and leaves from your pool or pond. Skimmers help to reduce the load of filters and also helps in protecting the pool pumps or pond pumps.

Without a pond skimmer, the floating debris will saturate with water and will settle to the bottom of your pond or Pool. The same will start to decompose and also will increase the algae growth in your pond. Such decomposing derbies settled at the bottom of the pond or pool if not cleared will affect the quality of water and Aesthetics.

Our skimmers are made in France by Procopi in its factory at Brittany, incorporating the latest technological innovations, Quality and reliability guaranteed.

We have Four variants of skimmers for different types of pools.

  • Liner pool

  • Traditional reinforced concrete pools

  • Panel Pools

  • Polyester pools

All Procopi skimmers are made of UV Resistant pool grade ABS, which are available in a range of colours. The skimmer lid is equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents it from being opened accidentally by children.


The modular design of the Aquareva pool skimmers allows the length of the skimmer throat to be adjusted. So that it can be used on any types of pools.

The latest type of skimmer is called a mirror skimmer which is designed for absolute discretion, the mirror skimmer sits just
under the coping, raising the water level to within 5cm of the coping. Like the other types, it also skims the surface of the water trapping large debris efficiently. (leaves, toys, large insects, etc.)

If you have a pond with Clogged water with a foul smell or green water with a consistent algae problem. Contact us by mail or phone and give us a chance we will fix your pond and give back crystal clear water visibility with healthy water parameters. Our pool and Koi Fish pond filtration services are available across India.



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