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Rotating Drum Filters For Koi Fish Pond

Rotating Drum Filters For Koi Fish Pond

Even though Drum filters are amazingly small in size, they can filter out huge volumes of water. These are very simple devices that can give your koi fish pond excellent water clarity with much high koi fish loads. These filters are suitable for high-density aquaculture and koi fish ponds.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD) For Home And Office

Surge Protection Devices (SPD)For Home And Office

Power surges are a major cause of the failure of electrical and electronic systems. Because every connected device is vulnerable to damage regardless of how large or small a power surge occurs.

Home Automation System

Details Required For Planning Home Automation System | Kerala

Home automation makes an exciting enrichment to your lifestyle by improving comfort and adding convenience. Automation systems are smart and efficient, this efficiency reflects as savings on your energy bill. We can help you in designing and installing automation systems.

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches - COVID 19

One of the most usefully used item at your home are the switches and control panel. Switches are also one of those items which are neglected always. Clean and tidy switches can prevent the spread of epidemics so it is very vital to keep them disinfected.

Redox / ORP Meter

Redox / ORP Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

ORP stands for oxidation and reduction potential, it is the measure of cleanliness of the water. It is measured in mV ( Milli Volts). pH / ORP / TDS / Conductivity is some of the most common and basic tests for water parameters used by every industry using water as there base media.

TDS Meter

TDS Meter for Sale In Kerala - India

TDS meter can be used for any and all applications, ranging from water purification to hydroponics, to aquariums, to industrial wastewater treatment. 


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