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Commercial Kitchen Ducts and Vents

Commercial Kitchen Ducts and Vents

At KJA & Sons, we manufacture different types of ducts for use in various industries. Our ductwork solutions focus on delivering quality products quickly and at the best prices.

We offer high quality and high-efficiency Kitchen Ducting Work to suit the needs of our customers. Our mission is to build and install quality ducting systems and at affordable price. Our products are used to serve a variety of needs, including industrial ventilation, dust extraction and diffuser system for HAVAC.

We make it easy for our esteemed customers, with our 3D ductwork design and quoting software, on-time delivery, personalized service and all of this at a great price!

We have the necessary know-how about renovating existing duct system together, customizing it to existing and future requirements. We plan, communicate and explain how's and when's of installation, It is then manufactured and delivered on time. Our speciality is in the field of Kitchen Fume Extraction ducting and the installation of efficient Centrifugal Air Blowers.

We always provide the necessary information and drawings to illustrate the details of the fabrication and installation of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. A well designed commercial kitchen ducting should provide sufficient exhaust ventilation as well as replenish the cooking area with fresh air.

Irrespective of the size of the establishment, managing and balancing airflow is the key factor of a well-designed kitchen.

Ducting Works

It is a hurdle to suitably ventilate commercial kitchens, as they at all times require removing large volumes of air through ductwork and equipment placement are some times squeezed into very cramped spaces.

The design, construction, installation and maintenance are all done by our in-house team of engineers and fabricators. We can do custom fabrication of ducts to suit the unique in-house resources are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients and projects. Our aim is to get optimum performance and an energy-efficient air balance from the designed system.

We also offer deep cleaning services which include de-greasing of the units, ductwork and fans. We have worked in and with the ducting industry for years and we know how to make it all work for you.

We ensure the quality and professionalism of our ductworks. A fully integrated approach by combining safety, quality and production. You are provided with the highest standard of workmanship with regular updates of the project’s progress. And rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Maintaining quality indoor air is important to the health of your employees, as well as, your air-conditioning system. When you need help with yearly duct inspection and cleaning, kindly remember to get in touch with us. The return air duct and the supply duct are to be cleaned and inspected at regular intervals. This will ensure that your system is operating well and minimizes downtimes.

Ducting Works

We are supplying these types of equipment to various industries i.e. Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Food Court, Educational Institutions, Industrial Canteens etc. To serve our clients most adequately, we carry out the contract methods while keeping in mind their convenience and interests.

As a result of our client-centric business practice, we have been able to become the most preferred organization of many leading clients situated in the domestic markets.


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