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Sports Flooring | Badminton Court Cost

Sports Flooring | Badminton Court Cost in Kerala | India

We are one of the best sports flooring contractors in Kerala. There are different types of Sports flooring available according to the types of sports.

Following are the types of preferred floorings for outdoor and indoor Badminton Sports or multi-court options are also available.

Sport Court Tiles from Snapsports.

These multipurpose courts are designed to easily convert the court to any outdoor or indoor sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, futsal, hockey, paddle tennis, shuffle-board, hopscotch, four square, kickball, badminton etc.

These Multi-Courts are a great place for children they can have small get-togethers. They can be even turned into personal ice rings in cold countries. No matter which sports your kids are into, these indoor or outdoor residential multi-court will keep them interested for years to come.

These backyard game courts are built for life. Unlike other sports flooring, SnapSports will stand up to the tough demands of the weather and serious gameplay, eliminating the need for court recoating and will not fade, crack or peel.

SnapSports is one of the most durable and cost-effective sports flooring systems in the market today.

PU Surfaces for Indoors / Outdoor Badminton Courts.

Consists of Sandwich construction, which has an elastic layer with pore sealer under cast coating spread with coloured EPDM-granules.

Which is water-impermeable and abrasion resistant. This type of flooring is very easy and friendly for your joints.

One another advantage is that PU surface coatings are elastic and will give you a heavy-duty joint less finish for your outdoor as well as indoor application.

Pu floorings don't fade with sun and provide excellent conditions even when wet or raining. Another major advantage is that it is available in many colours or combination of colours.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Two types of maple trees are used for making maple hardwood flooring 1, Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and 2, the Black Maple (Acer nigrum). Solid hardwood Maple flooring is usually 3/4” in thickness, but a variety of sizes with respect to width and length are available. Both pre-finished and unfinished type of maple wood floorings available in the market.

Maple Wood planks are finished in matte with P U Anti skid coating. The bottom side of these planks are given special cuts to allow air passage and are treated with special anti termite and water-resistant lacquer. The underframe is fixed on top of 10 - 15 mm thick air cushioned EPDM Rubber Pads for shock absorption.

We recommend using engineered maple flooring in areas prone to dampness and pre-stained planks are also advised.

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