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Architectural Drawings for Building Construction

Architectural Drawings for Building Construction

For the successful completion of any construction project, construction documents such as drawings, sketches, and plans are necessary. 

Fish Pond Waterproofing

Fish Pond Waterproofing and Potable Epoxy Coating System

Fish ponds and water bodies are treated with special epoxy coatings for their final looks and properties. Those coatings which are particularly meant for underwater use should be non-toxic for fish and safe for plants.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings | Kerala

We have epoxy floor coat systems suitable for all types of FLOORS. This is hygienic, jointless, hard-wearing, aesthetic, economical and easy to install. We deal with epoxy coatings of Bostik Make, which are manufactured as per Intl. standards & certifications.

Commercial Kitchen Ducts and Vents

Commercial Kitchen Ducts and Vents

At KJA & Sons, we manufacture different types of ducts for use in various industries. Our ductwork solutions focus on delivering quality products quickly and at the best prices.

Wood Works | Carpentry Works

Wood Works | Carpentry Works 2020 | Kerala | India 

We at KJA&Sons is committed to assisting our customers with carpentry works, always with the best quality wood at the lowest possible price. As wood products are an integral part of everyday life our wood workshops always try to conserve and minimise the wood wastage.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

Sheet Metal Fabrication Works | Ernakulam | Kerala

Sheet and Metal fabrication is a complex process which involves many vital processes including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Thereby transforming the raw stainless Steel materials into beautiful and useful items.


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