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Plumbing Contractors | Plumbing & Renovations | India

Plumbing Contractors | Plumbing & Renovations | India

KJA& sons is a family-owned and operated business with over 45 years of experience in the building construction, renovations and associated works.

KJA&Sons with its years of experience in this area to find attractive, cost-effective solutions. We very well know what is important for a building renovation, besides the purely technical renovation.

There is always the demand for modernization and attractiveness so that the renovated bathroom meets today's demands for flexibility, aesthetics and economy.

Plumbing service is any assistance or retrofitting or changes done to a potable or grey water distribution system, the connection/fitment of any appurtenances/fixtures that are hooked up to the plumbing systems in a residential or commercial building.

Plumbing is a critical service which everyone, takes very lightly. Water supply lines and plumbing fixtures should be installed with the utmost care otherwise can lead to property damage and losses.

We take up turnkey projects of installation of plumbing lines and installation of plumbing fixtures for new projects a well as for home retro fitment and renovations.

Some of our undertaken works are listed below

  • Hot and cold water line for domestic and commercial buildings,

  • Waterlines,

  • Drain,

  • Backflow Services,

  • Gas lines,

  • Standard and tankless water heaters,

  • Sewer lines,

  • Gas lines,

  • Garbage disposal line,

  • STP MEP works,

  • swimming pool works,

  • Koi fish pond MEP work

We can take up job title as a plumbing contractor for new construction, a remodelling project, or simply solve a plumbing line repair for a leak that you recently learned, just reach out to us we are here to help you.

Frequently asked questions are answered below.

How to decide between Plumbing Fixture Replacement or an Upgrade?
With our expert, plumbing professionals can simply replace an existing fixture with the same if applicable or suggest you for an upgrade to a better fixture.

How to perform a Water Piping Leak Repair?
Ideally, you should always remember to call in the professional plumbing service company like us for leaks found on water supply mains or distribution mains. Numerous things can go wrong let professionals like us handle it.

Custom Shower Designing and Rain Baths Installation
Our in house design and build team can change the look of an old bathroom to a refreshing bathing experience, with multiple massage jets, steam, and rain shower technology.

We Specialize in all types of Plumbing and Bathroom Remodeling Kerala.

Home Sprinkler System Designing, and Installation
A lawn sprinkler system can work efficiently and save energy cost if it is designed and installed correctly.

Do Sump Pump / Flood Control Systems / Backwater Valve Installation need a professional?

A sump pump is a piece of critical equipment which you should rely upon in the case of an emergency.
Removing groundwater, flood control systems and backwater valves to prevent flooding is a very critical subject where you need to take sound advice from reliable sources like us.

From plumbing installations, plumbing renovations and repairs to preventative maintenance, our plumbing team can handle it all! We can execute your works with quality workmanship and in the given time frame.

Get the plumbing repairs you need or start planning your next remodelling project today. Call us at 9400726668 to get an estimate on our services. 


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