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Staircase With Glass & Wood

Staircase With Glass & Wood

KJA & Sons enjoys an excellent reputation in the custom stair fabrication field. If the standard kerala style stair components don’t deliver the visual punch you’re seeking for, then based on your concept design we will fabricate a completely new custom stair for your Home or Office. You can either order custom stairs to replace the existing ones or design a completely new stair.

We are competent in creating magnificent staircase and handrails with the combination of wood, metal or glass.

Stairs should consist of smooth vertical & horizontal surfaces consisting of structural members that provide the transportation and connection between floors or structural parts having different elevation. The Arrangement and geometrical shape of stair depend on its functional usage, the number of floors and size of the usable staircase space.

Staircase with Glass

The primary property of any stairs is to provide the coming down or rising from one surface to another. Same is the case of this mono stringer staircase or Center stringer Staircase. Depending on the design done the mono-stringer stairs can be visually appealing, creative and it is truely a mesmerizing beauty of art and achitectural construct.

Mono-stringer stairs utilize a central structural element that allows for numerous inventive visual variations. The centre stringer stairs translate into a signature style stating a bold structural presence turning it into an attention-grabbing attraction.

Staircase with Glass

A mono-stringer or centre-stringer is an open form of a staircase that has a single supporting beam supporting the treads (stringer) which is usually placed in the centre of the treads. Similar to other forms of open stairs, mono-stringers typically support timber treads, it also can accommodate a wide variety of tread materials, such as stone, steel, or glass.

Mono-stringers stair designs tend to be more open unlike the other conventional types of staircase designs they are not enclosed by supports on either side of the treads. The stringer itself tends to be less apparent since it is located centrally and underneath the treads themselves, which can also be placed off centre.

Staircase with Glass

If compared to traditional closed or enclosed stairs, mono-stringers demand the use of relatively stronger materials in order to be structurally sound. This may explain why mono-stringer stair designs have seen widespread adoption in the later 21st century, as improvements in material technology have lead to the widespread availability of components with the required tensile strength.

The use of modern engineering methods and materials allow for relatively long spans to be achieved by a mono-stringer stair. Also in comparison to traditional stairs, mono-stringers tend to rely more heavily on the use of fabricated structural components, such as square-hollow-section (SHS) mild steel members, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), laser-cut folded metal plates, etc.

Staircase with Glass

Our products are only fabricated by skilled craftsmen and fabricators under our strict guidelines. Staircase designs are categorized as inner and outer stairs and also according to construction place and the materials used. There are many permutations and combination which can be used when planning your staircase and handrails. Staircase handrails with glass are one of the foremost choices of our customers.

We’re here to help. For your queries kindly contact our technical product support team at

We’re here to help. For your queries kindly contact our technical product support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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