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Plan Submission And Approval

Plan Submission & Approval

Following are the types of buildings, in general, depending on the types listed below the process of obtaining a building permit differs a bit.

  • Residential Building.

  • Special Residential Buildings. such as (a) Lodges (b) Tourist Homes (c) Hostels (d) Resorts & (e) Dormitory.

  • Educational Buildings.

  • Clinics and Hospitals.

  • Assembly Buildings such as (a) Cinema Theatre (b) Assembly Hall (c) Auditorium (d) Wedding Halls & (e) Community Halls etc.

  • Office and Business Building.

  • Commercial and Trading Buildings.

  • Industrial Buildings.

  • Small scale Industrial Buildings.

  • Large Industrial Buildings.

  • Shortage Buildings such as Warehouse & Garages etc.

  • Hazardous Buildings such as(a) Automobile Work Shops (b) Service Stations (c) Service Garages (d) Welding Work Shops & (e) PVC pipe Factories etc.

For constructing any types of Buildings mentioned above, we have to prepare the detailed plan as per Kerala Municipal Rules and submit it to the concerned authorities like Grama Panchayat, Municipality, or Corporation.

Before any construction can begin, the building permit or approval should be sorted out by the local authorities.

Following are some inputs from many rules to be kept in mind while submitting plans for Residential Buildings for getting approval.

(1) Open space.

  • Front Portion - 3 metres for the buildings up to 10 m in height. But not less than 1.80 m.

  • Back Portion - 2 m do but not less than 1 m.

For Buildings with 7 m height:- Average 1.50 m is required, but not less than 1 m widths on any sides.

Please note that for Buildings up to 7 m in height, you could construct without leaving any space if there is written permission from the adjacent land/building owner.

(2) Space on Sides.

Minimum 1.20 m is required for the buildings up to a height of 10 m, 1 m is required for the other side. If there is a minimum width of 75 cm, Providing Ventilator is allowed.

Our team of experts can help you with the necessary drawings and online building plan approval so that you do not need to worry about these rules.

The following drawings must be submitted with the online application to obtain a building permit that allows new construction in Kerala.

  • The Elevation.

  • Floor Plan.

  • Section drawings.

  • Land Tax Receipt.

  • Copy of the Original Deed.

  • Sanction Drawing.

The above documents are submitted to the municipality/corporation in their original form along with an online application for verification. Your application will then be assigned a file number by the local self-governing body office.

The building inspector inspects the site where the structure will be built. The Building Inspector approves the building permit after inspecting the accuracy of the data in your application and ensuring that it complies with KMBR guidelines.

The issuance of a building permit is the formal approval to build a house in Kerala. You can also start preparing the property for construction at this point. It includes things like levelling the ground, putting up temporary water and power lines, and so forth.

The respective Municipality/Corporation inspects the project and grants the Completion Certificate once it is completed and if it is eligible. The Completion Certificate verifies that the structure was built according to the approved plan, building permit, and other regulatory requirements.



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