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Laminate Wooden Flooring AC Ratings

Laminate Wooden Flooring AC Ratings

What is the significance of AC Rating for Laminate Floorings? Abrasion Class rating or the AC ratings will help you in choosing which type of laminate flooring is best suited to install in a particular room.

The Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF), the association to which reputable manufacturers of laminate flooring adhere, has come up with a standard international grading system for laminate floors; the AC (abrasion class) rating. This grading system clearly tells the consumer how durable a particular laminate is and how much foot traffic, it can withstand.

Laminates go through a number of tests when being assessed for an AC rating. Each line of laminate flooring is tested for its resistance to burns, scratches by pets, stains, abrasion, and impact.

Tests are also done to assess the effects of furniture legs on the flooring, swelling, etc. If all of the tests are passed satisfactorily an AC rating is issued for that particular product

The AC rating ranges from a score of 1 to 5, which determined by a series of criteria that test the product's durability, and suggests its best application. The rating centres around usage, based on the kinds of traffic each floor is likely to endure in a given area, either residential or commercial, with associated levels of intensity.

AC ratings are explained here:

· AC3:23 (Residential, heavy traffic) - Laminate flooring possessing this rating works well in all areas of the home.

· AC3:31 (Commercial, moderate traffic) - Hotel rooms and small offices are the suitable applications for floorings rated AC3:31.

· AC4:32 (Commercial, general traffic) - These floorings suited for use in boutiques, busier offices, restaurants, and cafes.

· AC5:33 (Commercial, heavy traffic) - AC5 floors are suitable to be used in places such as public buildings and department stores.

With us, there should be no difficulty in finding a laminate flooring that is suitable for your home or business because of the vast selection available. One should be able to find the perfect match required for a laminate flooring project. If not we will help you find the one suitable for you.

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