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Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminated Wooden Flooring for Home And Office

Laminate flooring is regarded as highly suitable for places that receive heavy foot traffic and other types of stress. For considerations like a strong structural composition, multiple uses and aesthetic value, multiple layers make sure the requirements are met. It is one of the worlds best lightweight flooring solution which is very durable, economical and can be installed over existing floorings.

Before Opting for a laminate flooring it is very important to understand What is Laminate Flooring?, What are the Various Layers of Laminate Flooring and What Are They Made Of?

A typical laminate flooring has four layers namely The Overlay, The Decorative layer, The Core layer and the Stabilizing layer.

1. The Overlay

The top surface wear layer of a laminate flooring system is usually referred as Overlay. This surface layer is usually coated with a resin-based coating, aluminium oxide, Resin treated cellulose or melamine is used for this purpose.

The sequential coating application using the above materials makes up the top layer of laminate floorings which makes it extremely wear-resistant, stain free and resistant to cleaning chemicals. It also constitutes the overall strength of the Laminate and forms its tough-wearing durable surface.

2. The Decorative Paper layer or decor layer

This layer comes below the top Overlay, which gives the laminate floor its attractive appearance. Here is where the high quality printed design is placed which gives the Laminate its realistic appearance.

Millions of choice of design patterns are available, patterns ranging from natural wood grain, authentic wood can all be reproduced.

3. Core layer Or Carrier Board

This Layer of the laminate flooring helps in keeping it's self-flat and stable. It is the most vital layer of a laminate floorboard which absorbs all the foot stamping, it also supports the weight and stress of all the foot traffic.

This central layer is also called as the carrier board or core board, depending upon the manufacturer and the manufacturing process. It is made up of either medium density fibre-board (M.D.F.) or high-density fibre-board (H.D.F.).

4. Stabilizing Or Backing Layer

The backing layer is the bottom-most layer of a typical laminate flooring. This layer also provides strength and stability to the laminate board and is water resistant. Laminate flooring with laminate or melamine backing layer should be used while laying laminate flooring at places with a moisture problem.

The elements of these four layers undergo one of the following two processes in order to be recognized, as laminate flooring:

1, DPL ( Direct Pressure Laminate)

In the direct pressure laminate process, all of the above four layers are pressed together into a single layer by means of pressure treatment without the use of any type of glues. It is thinner than HPL and will cost less.

2, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)

High-pressure lamination is the process in which all of the above four layers are pressed together into an additional layer of high strength paper. The layers are glued together by means of high-pressure of not less than 70 kg/sq cm. It has very high impact resistance and wears resistance.

HPL is a lot more durable and above all, it has excellent fire resistant properties.

Understanding your exact needs, requirements and flooring specifications are of utmost importance to us and we work hard to ensure you get the best product at the most competitive price. If you have any flooring questions, feel free to call us.

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