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Pots And Planters for Home and Office | Kochi | Kerala | India

Pots And Planters for Home and Office

In today’s world of fast life container, gardening seems more and more appropriate. It has evolved its self into an art form of its own. A plant can be given an entirely new character when displayed in a container where its unique shape and features are spotlighted.

Planters, vases, bowls and pots help you to grow plants inside the comforts of your house bringing vivid new colours and textures into your home. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small, medium and large.

These can be made from different materials like terracotta, plastic, coir, compressed paper, ceramic, wood, metal, Concrete, fibre-glass, pure soft bricks, porcelain, brass, glass, etc.

  • Terracotta - Terracotta is a natural and porous material. It is also a rough material. Never place a piece directly on an unprotected surface. But very safe for plants and environment and very easy to maintain.

  • Plastic - Plastic is the most common and inexpensive planter available on the market. Plastic containers can also be made to look like other materials but is not so durable. It can be made into endless no of shapes and sizes and will not weigh much.

  • Coir - These planters are made from coconut husks. They are inexpensive and can be found in a wide variety of colours. These are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

  • Compressed Paper - This makes an excellent choice if you want to plant vegetables. These containers breathe well, promoting healthy root growth and improving aeration.

  • Fibreglass planters - These are created from a blend of resin and glass fibres. These pots tend to be moulded to look like terracotta or stone pots.

  • Wood - Wood planters are less common than other types. Also is expensive and regular maintenance is a must. The main problem with wood containers is that it rots and can cause stains. but a plastic liner can control the problem.

  • Ceramic - Ceramic containers or stoneware are made from finely textured clay. They are expensive and can crack upon exposure to cold weather. For ceramic pots, drain trays are a must.

  • Metal - Metal containers are extremely durable and in some cases like cast iron heavy. Aluminium is one of the best metals to opt for. It offers the gardener the durability of metal with a lighter weight. Copper, brass, etc can also be used for making good planter boxes and pots.

  • Concrete - concrete planters are a practical choice for large plants. The only disadvantage is, its weight makes it very difficult to move once filled with soil and plants. 

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