Pots and Planters for Garden

Pots and Planters for Garden

We have an extensive range of Pots and Planters for indoor and outdoor use. Following are some types/models from which you can choose from.

Flower pots and outdoor planters come in wide array of styles and colours. Terracotta is the type of clay that is commonly used to make pots and Planters. The sizes can vary from 2 inches in height or Diameter.

The colour of the pots and planters are very important, the right coloured planters/pots will greatly increase the aesthetics of your room.

Pots and planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most common shapes are Rectangular, Square, Round etc. It can be made from different materials like ceramic, clay, plastic, Concrete etc.

Vivid selections of Flower Pots, Hanging Planters, Plant Bags, Plant Accessories, Plant Bowls, can be crafted from materials of individual choice. Various types of Wall planters and Table top planters made with ceramic and Eco wooden box planters are also available in order.

Our Goal - To provide our customer with the best of our services and at best competitive value to suit your budget.


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