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Vertical Garden Plants Selection 

We take an inspirational design from nature to create extensive Vertical Gardens and Landscapes! Remember, how it has taken thousands of years of practice for nature to perfect its design and relationships?

When designing a vertical garden or landscape for you, we follow nature, its patterns, harmony and unique expression for a specific location.

We take the route of an ecological approach to planning, the preservation and restoration of natural systems, towards creating sustainable vertical Garden and landscape systems. By doing so, we can provide low maintenance and sustainable solution for each of our projects.

Whether you are planning a new vertical garden or renovating an existing one, planning can prevent many problems. The majority of maintenance requirements and plant problems result from either selecting the wrong kind of plant for a location or planting an inferior specimen of the selected plant type.

The first decision is called Plant Selection and the second is Selecting Plants. Our goal is to install the right plant in the right place.

Plant Selection

Plant Selection.

Plant selection is one of the critical parts of planning vertical gardens. Almost any indoor environment is more pleasant and attractive when living plants are a part of the setting. Real enjoyment and consistent success with indoor plants depend on selecting the right plant for a given environmental situation.

Plant Selection

The following points will help to select and grow indoor plants by addressing the issues of; light, temperature, humidity, soil, water, fertilizer, and other conditions.

1. What is the primary function of your vertical garden?

Where will it be placed aesthetically? Is it going to be a show wall, or will be used as a screen? Will it produce spring flowers, or will it have lovely fall foliage?

Plant Selection

2. What are the plant’s requirements for light?

It is important to match plants with locations that satisfy their basic light requirements. Does it need full sun? or morning sun and afternoon shade, or shade all day?

Plant Selection

3. What are the plant’s requirements for water?

How often should you water the plants? Improper watering is the underlying cause of many plant problems. Plants with large or very thin leaves and those with fine surface roots usually require more frequent watering than succulent plants with fleshy leaves and stems that can store water internally.

In city limits water is not so plenty full, it will be wise to choose plants which require less water.

Plant Selection

4. What will be its ultimate size?

Plants used as screens should be dense and tall enough to provide a visual barrier.

5. What colour is it?

It is important to know the colour of the flower, fruit and leaves in all seasons so that you can plant it in a place where it won’t clash with other plants or be camouflaged by the wall of your house.

Plant Selection

6. The aesthetic function of plants when planning.

Most people probably over-emphasize the aesthetic function of plants when planning their vertical garden. Choose a combination of plants which will make your vertical garden attractive.

Plant Selection

7. What is its life cycle?

Is it an annual, perennial, biennial, or a tropical plant?

Contact us, lets plant the right kind of plants for your vertical garden.


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