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13 Types of Shades and Blinds

Different types of blinds & shades and their uses. A little help to let you choose the best window treatments for your home and office space.  

1. Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades are soft and simple, yet modern and a highly popular choice for varying window shapes and spaces of all kinds. These shades detail a gradient of colours, from subtle neutrals to the most vibrant colours. These types are used for filtering out light and harmful UV rays, But it allows soft natural light to filter through.

Pleated shades are a cost-effective way to dress up any room. It’s a one-layer fabric allowing for less sticking with taller windows. Pleated shades have different colours and fabrics to choose from whether solids, textures, or patterns. All pleated shades are light filtering but you can add a liner for room darkening. Pleated shades come in a variety of designs and textures that are sure to coax the charm out of any space.

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2. Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are composed of innovative and revolutionary lines. It is designed for multi-functionality; it maintains the look of shade when closed, but can control light like a blind. The delicate, yet luxurious fabrics and the multiple varying functions of sheer shades make them one of the popular products among our customers and a worthy investment.

Sheer shades combine the soft and elegant look of shades with the functionality of blinds. These shades are made up of 2 layers of fabric that consist of sheer material alternating with a transparent or opaque strip allowing for light control and privacy. Sheer Shades are offered in rooms requiring either light filtering or room darkening.

Blinds and Shades designs

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades will help to transform any space into an inviting and relaxing retreat with its unique texture and character. One can choose from a variety of beautifully styled fabrics, which will bring an air of elegance into any room. Boasting the soft look and feel of luxurious fabric, roman shades are a perfect window treatment wherever a formal or casual elegance is required.

Roman shades are a great option for dressing up any room without the need for curtains. These shades come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures to fit any home décor. Roman shades are much easier to clean than curtains, different fold options are available including Classic Fold, Flat Fold or waterfall fold, Blackout or Light Filtering, Top Down Bottom Up, etc.

Blinds and Shades designs

4. Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades add a casual and natural feel to your décor. An Eco-Friendly option, you can choose from a variety of colours and styles such as bamboo reeds, jute, and/or grasses. woven wood shades are made from natural bamboo materials, each product will be unique. Individual styles will have natural imperfections and colours which make it rich with texture and have an earthy appeal.

Woven wood shades offer a wide selection of colours, styles, textures, and options you can bring the inspiration of nature indoors. Woven wood shades allow light to come in and offers moderate privacy depending on which style you pick. You can customize these shades to fit your needs. This includes adding a liner whether light filtering (for privacy) or blackout (to darken a room), 2 fold types and 3 valance options are available.

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5. Solar Shades

The solar shades are a revolutionary line of shades with a variation of colours and designs that will bring a modern/sleek look to any space. Solar shades are designed to block glare and to reduce the UV rays entering your home, making these shades highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Solar shades are made using a vinyl polyester weave that makes them durable and easy to maintain. Benefits of Solar Shades includes: UV Protection, Reduces Glare, Reduces Heat Gain etc.

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6. Roller Shades

Roller shades offer a modern flare on an old favourite. The roller shades come in versatile colour options with designs that make it painless to convert any space. You can opt for a more functional, simpler look with these shades, or you can go for a soft design that will add a gentle touch to windows. Light filtering roller shades filter all-natural light through while varying in the amount of privacy you have.

Most fabrics offer complete privacy while some you’ll be able to see silhouettes. Blackout roller shades are available in vinyl and fabric materials. All the fabric blackout roller shades will have the vinyl backing to keep out the light and provide full privacy.

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7. Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl vertical blinds are a reliable classic that offers a simple and affordable solution for any home or office space. These vertical blinds come in numerous colours/options and they are very easy to use and maintain. Vertical blinds are also perfect for patio doors, large windows, and commercial spaces. They can also be used as a space divider.

Vinyl vertical blinds are a great window treatment option for sliding doors and a very large window. They serve as a functional way to control light and privacy yet still offer a decorative look. A wide collection of styles, colours, and patterns are available. Vinyl vertical blinds are also easy to maintain. They usually don't get dusty because dust just falls between each vane. If your vanes do get dirty, you can use a damp sponge to clean them.

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8. Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds add a modern flair to a reliable classic. These vertical blinds come in numerous colours, textures, and designs. Vertical blinds are also perfect for patio doors, large windows, and commercial spaces. They can also be used as a space divider. There are some fabrics are sheer (no privacy at all) and some thick enough so that you can only see your silhouette. Like vinyl vertical blinds these are also easy to maintain.

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9. Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds are one of the most versatile lines of blinds or window treatments. With the modern, sleek look of aluminium, designer colours, and exciting metallics, these mini blinds make a statement and bring life and a personality to any space (commercial or private). They are practical, simple, and yet attractive. There are lots of advantages when choosing aluminium mini blinds. They are a versatile and classic way to dress up your house or office. Aluminium blinds have a wide selection of colours to pick from. You can decide on either a shiny or a matte finish to compliment your style.

Another advantage of aluminium mini blinds is lightweight which is perfect for large windows or doors, as it is easy to lift up and down as well as tilt open or close. Since the slats are small you also have less stacking when the blinds are up. Aluminium blinds are a cost-effective way to decorate your space. You can still have a simple and elegant look for an affordable price.

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10. Wood Blinds

Wood blinds can be described with 2 words, sophisticated and traditional. A true classic, they bring a pleasantly warm feeling to any space in your home. The wood blinds are available in beautiful wood colours, such as golden oak, mahogany, walnut, and espresso. Wood blinds are made from kiln-dried basswood. They are lightweight therefore much easier to lift and down, unlike faux wood blinds.

Wood blinds also offer a unique and natural beauty giving a warm feel to your decor. Some natural textures include pine knots, time stripes and grain patterns. Being a natural material, our real wood blinds also offer insulating value.

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11. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds provide a durable, yet versatile solution for your windows. The faux wood blinds are an economical alternative that still delivers the look of real wood blinds. Therefore, you can furnish your home in style with these window treatments, while staying on budget. Faux wood blinds are made out of composite PVC which makes it more durable. It can stand up to everyday wear and tear such as fading, chipping, cracking, or warping.

This product is resistant to moisture perfect for Kitchen and Bathroom windows. Another difference is the cost. Faux wood blinds resemble the genuine look of wood at a more affordable price. It is significantly less expensive than real wood blinds but can be a bit heavier when lifting up and down.

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12. Panel Track Blinds

Panel Track blinds are inspired by Japanese Shoji screens, innovative Panel Track Shades offer a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for patio doors and large windows & spaces. Available in a vast choice of fabrics and natural woven materials, panel track shades coordinate beautifully with other categories of blinds and shades.

Panel tracks can be used as a room divider. Besides going to a sliding door or window, panel tracks can be used to divide rooms, hide shelving, and close of workspace.

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The above types of blinds and shades are available in both manual and motorized operating versions.

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