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7 Advantages of Vertical Gardens

Advantages of Vertical Gardens | Vertical Garden Works

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular with many techniques and plant combinations to choose from, growing vertically shows that gardening is limited only by our imaginations.

Koi Fish Pond Ideas for | Contemporary Homes | Ernakulam | Kochi | Kerala

Koi Fish Pond Ideas For Contemporary Homes

A Koi pond or water garden leading to the house can look spectacularly elegant. Especially in the evening with well-chosen lighting.

Cost and Description Of Water Proofing Materials | Kochi | Ernakulam | Kerala

Cost and Description of Water Proofing Materials

Description and Approximate cost of waterproofing materials of Fosroc, Pidilite which are used in used in civil construction works. These are also used widely in Concrete and plastering repair works. We are one of the renowned waterproofing experts in Kochi. We can execute waterproofing project in and around Kerala with guaranteed results.

Solutions to Moisture Problems Inside Buildings

Tips to Prevent Moisture

Many common water leaks /moisture are easy to detect. especially when it rains, water may drip around skylights, or a crawl space may fill with water.

How to make your Kitchen Plastic Free | Kochi | Ernakulam | Kerala

How to Make Your Kitchen Plastic Free

How to make your kitchen free of plastic bags? Many of us use plastic bags to store and dispose of food waste which is generated daily.

How to select an air conditioner?How to Select An Air Conditioner Correctly

How to Select An Air Conditioner Correctly

Selecting your air conditioner requires you to know some basic calculations, the right Air conditioner will cool your room efficiently and also will reduce your electricity consumption.


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