Contemporary Penthouse At Kadavanthara | Kerala | India

Contemporary Penthouse At Kadavanthara 

This 4500 Sqft Premium residential Villa is located in Kadavanthara, Ernakulam. Which is one of the most sought-after strips of land in Kochi. This Modern single family residence is designed and build with all modern amenities in 40 Cents of Prime Land. This villa features four bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

Mechanical Filters for Koi Pond | Aquaculture | Aquaponics | Kochi | Kerala | India

Mechanical Filters for Koi Pond

Mechanical filtration systems are self-contained units which do the mechanical filtration of pond water. These filters can also be designed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration. The components of mechanical filter media are inert - this means they will do nothing to interfere with your water chemistry. The media mechanically or physically strains solid waste from water passing through it.

Bio Filters For Koi Pond | Kochi | Kerala | India

Bio Filters For Koi Fish Pond & Aquaculture

Koi Fish are multi-coloured freshwater fishes which are simply gorgeous, but at the same time require high-quality water to survive in a pond. That is where we come into the picture. We provide filtration systems which can be custom designed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration for Koi pond, aquaculture, fish farms and aquaponics.

Filters For Swimming Pools

3 Types of Filters For Swimming Pools

When you are planning for a pool before the phase of construction you should determine the type of filter you would want to use. Each type has its drawbacks and benefits and each has a different price point, useful filter life and unique cleaning aspects. Our pool filters are efficient and feature weather-resistant tanks for years of dependable use.

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