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Cost And Specification of Indoor | Outdoor Sports Flooring

Cost And Specification of Indoor | Outdoor Sports Flooring

Our Indoor / Outdoor Sports Flooring surfaces bring health clubs, fitness centres, weight rooms, tracks, and gyms comfort and durability without sacrificing the environment. The said rubber flooring products are perfect for any Indoor / Outdoor Sports Facility or Gym flooring and fitness facilities.

Industrial Floor coatings | Epoxy Floor Coatings | Kerala | India

Industrial Floor Coatings | Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floors are usually harder than polyurethanes, also they have a higher compressive and impact strength. These properties make them use full in heavy-duty facilities. Epoxy flooring coating with Chemical resistant which ensures protection & seamless uniform levelling on concrete surfaces is done by us.

Waterproofing | Roof Heat Insulation Coatings | Ernakulam | Kerala

Waterproofing | Roof Heat Insulation Coatings

KJA&Sons is one of the leading waterproofing solution provider in Kochi, Kerala. Our core activities are waterproofing, concrete repairs, P.U. Injection Grouting, concrete Injections & protective coatings. Our waterproofing experts can eliminate all the water leakage problems in your roof, terrace, corrugated roofs, bathrooms & Wet areas, basement etc.

Water Volume Calculator

Water Volume Calculator

Water Volume Calculator has many uses it can be used to calculate the quantity of water required to fill up a water tank, swimming pool or Koi fish pond. To find the quantity in cubic feet or Meter Cube input the water bodies measurements of length ,breath and depth in meters or Feet

Swimming Pool Tile Laying Works

Swimming Pool Tile Laying

Swimming pool tile laying works are specialized jobs. This job should only be performed by well trained and competent personal only. A swimming pool is a harsh environment and the wrong tile will definitely be a problem if you use it.

Mechanical Filters for Koi Pond | Aquaculture | Aquaponics | Kochi | Kerala | India

Mechanical Filters for Koi Pond

Mechanical filtration systems are self-contained units which do the mechanical filtration of pond water. These filters can also be designed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration. The components of mechanical filter media are inert - this means they will do nothing to interfere with your water chemistry. The media mechanically or physically strains solid waste from water passing through it.


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