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How To Renovate Your House

How To Renovate Your House | Kerala

Renovating a house is an interesting project and since a lot of money is involved in the project detailed planning is necessary. In some projects, the main agenda will be to discover the original features hidden underneath the paint and dust which should have to be brought back to its former glory.

Building Construction | Renovation Work

Building Construction | Renovation Work | Kochi | Kerala

This is one of the latest addition to renovation projects by our building construction company. It is the partial rebuilding of a house at Palluruthy,

How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala 2020

How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala 2020

A building permit is the mandatory approval document need to build a building in Kerala. Securing building permits in Kerala is an orderly process if rightly done it will be a smooth process.

Truss Work Cost 2020 Kerala

Truss Work Cost 2020 Kerala | Ernakulam | India

We at KJA&Sons are engaged in stainless steel and MS fabrication works such as ss gates, ss handrails, ss furniture, truss and many such items.

Wood Works | Carpentry Works

Wood Works | Carpentry Works 2020 | Kerala | India 

We at KJA&Sons is committed to assisting our customers with carpentry works, always with the best quality wood at the lowest possible price. As wood products are an integral part of everyday life our wood workshops always try to conserve and minimise the wood wastage.


Aquascaping Kochi | Kerala | India

Aquascaping, in other words, is creating an underwater landscape in a glass tank. Many natural scenarios such as mountains, jungles, deserts and Aquascaping waterfalls, can all be created making it a unique visual treat.


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