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The Benefits of Installing a Green Roof 6 years 6 months ago #79

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The Benefits of Installing a Green Roof

There are a number of benefits for installing a green roof, some of which are as follows:

Waterproof Protection

A green roof can act as an additional protective covering for your roof’s waterproof system. It will protect your waterproofing from the sun’s UV radiation, from atmospheric pollutants and weather conditions. This added protection can seriously extend the lifetime of your waterproof layer.

Limiting Flood Risk

Our country’s urban cities are covered in permeable ground and artificial ‘hard’ surfaces, through which rainwater cannot drain through. It is mainly for this reason that many of our most densely populated, low-level areas experience flooding from time to time. The majority of our rooftops shed water almost immediately, contributing further to this drainage problem.

Installing a green roof will reduce the volume of run-off rainwater as the plant life will help absorb the moisture much more effectively than exposed, stone surfaces. It is believed that on average, a green roof will retain around 35% of yearly rainfall and release it back into the atmosphere via evaporation and transpiration.

Solar Panel Integration

If you are thinking of installing solar panels, or already have solar panels fitted to your roof, then building a green roof around them can have a positive influence on their performance. Planting flora on your roof will ensure your solar panels do not overheat, which has been proven to reduce their energy production. An increase in temperature of just +30°C can reduce your solar panel’s performance by as much as 2.5%.

Carbon Dioxide Capture

Green roofs are also believed to help towards the capture of carbon dioxide – a massive benefit in smoggy urban city centres! Around 375 grams of carbon dioxide can be absorbed per square Feet.

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