Types of Green Roofs

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Types of Green Roofs

Green Roof
A green roof is a living installation, partially or totally covered with plants and growing entities over a waterproof membrane. A green roof may also contain drainage and irrigation systems. The installation of such rooftops is rising in popularity in India.The components used in the installation of a green roof provide a wealth of benefits to both your immediate surroundings and the wider environment.

Intensive Green Roofs
Intensive green roofs are often referred to as ‘roof gardens’ and are more costly than the previous option. These roofs are often employed as recreational and relaxation space for the building’s occupants.

Extensive Green Roofs
This type of roof is designed to reap all the benefits that green roofs have to offer, but at minimal cost and with very little required maintenance.

Biodiverse Roofs
A biodiverse roof is similar to an extensive roof in that it is very low maintenance, due to the employment of recycled materials.

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