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Koi Fish Ponds

Our aim is to help educate anyone who wish to keep Koi fish. Here you can find out every thing related to Koi fishes and fish pond keeping,

We also sell Japanese koi carp, custom pond filtration equipments, help and advice on pond medication and koi disease.
Discussion on various methods of protecting your fish and maintaining your pond equipment etc.etc.pls feel free to write to us..

  • New to Ponds and Pond filters Not sure ...?? Ask us we will help you.. All about Types of Pond Filters and more.

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    What causes algae overgrowth in ponds? by kjason5 9 months 2 weeks ago
  • Anything matters related to the design and construction of Koi Fish Pond..Koi ponds have some critical points that must be discussed and dealt with while they are being constructed. There are many differences between a water garden, fish pond and a Koi pond so make sure your pond contractor has knowledge of Koi and their special needs. Please, feel free to Contact Us we will help you.

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    Why Lilly Plants Don't Survive in Koi Ponds by kjason5 9 months 2 weeks ago
  • Now you can get online help or consultation on the problems of your fish and fish diseases.If you have problems with your fishes pls let us know through our online support forum, while contacting us you need to provide us with the following details.
    Tank Type -- Freshwater/Seawater/Pond/Other
    Source of water well water/ city tap water
    Tank capacity in Meters / Dimensions of the Tank
    Age of the Tank
    Type of Filteration in use
    Type of lighting
    Type of Livestock please specify with details.
    Food or Additives in water in use.
    Recent changes to the tank environment
    Describe your problem specify details
    Do you require a site visit?

    .Our expert fish doctor will reply within 24-48hrs after you have sent in the completed Questionnaire for Consultation together with a good quality photograph of the diseased fishes.

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  • Questions, Useful information and tips regarding Koi fishes and Koi Keeping practices.

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    Prefered pH in Koi Fish Ponds by kjason5 8 months 1 week ago
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Koi Fish Ponds

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