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3 Types Of Filters 6 years 6 months ago #67

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3 Types Of Filters

There are three different kinds of aquarium filtration: mechanical, biological and chemical. The most important of these is biological filtration. However, your aquarium needs all three to neutralize ammonia and nitrites, and remove floating debris and contamination. These common filtration systems employ all three methods

1. Under-gravel filter: A slotted plate under the gravel bed circulates water continuously.
2. Power filter: The favorite for tanks up to 200 liters, a power filter can be used along with an under-gravel filter. The combination can be helpful if you’re
running at full capacity in your aquarium.
3. External power filter: Located on the back of the aquarium, this style draws water from the tank and pumps it through a replaceable filter cartridge.
4. Canister filter: Ideal for aquariums 200 liters or more.

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