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How to select the best Benchtops for Kitchen 6 years 11 months ago #51

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Guide for choosing the Best Benchtops for crockery Shelves |Kitchen | Materials

A modern kitchen is only as good as the material from which it is built. But with so many products on the market, it will be a difficult task to choose which one will suit the best for your needs.Hope this section will assist you in choosing the right materials which is right for you.

While choosing materials for Benchtops you need to consider things like functionality, durability, ease of cleaning, style, colour, surface finish, brand and of course the price.

LAMINATE Benchtops (High Pressure Laminate (HPL)/Compact Laminate )
These comes in Extensive range of colour, decors and finish options, thanks to Advanced printing technology.Now stunning/realistic stone patterned designs,as well as stylish and contemporary looks can be achieved in a cost-effective way. laminates are Lowest cost when compared to other Benchtops. some of the good quality laminates are heat resistant up to 180ºC, in general they are Durable ,stain resistant,and Easy to clean.Compact Laminate is a thicker version of HPL,it's a premium laminate material, also more expensive than a standard laminate but are Extremely durable & resistant to impact.

Engineered stone is a desirable material for many kitchen applications based on its durability,stain resistance, choice of modern colours and a variety of edge profiles.The main ingredient is generally natural quartz or marble that can vary depending on the brand and quality of engineered stone. It is also a Moderately priced Benchtop,which gives a Consistent appeal and performance .It will Stain with prolonged exposure to staining agents. As a word of caution protective mats should always be used underneath cookware as sudden extreme temperature changes can damage the material.

There are a number of materials available including granite, marble, limestone and soapstone. It Can have naturally occurring surface faults so an expert stone mason can help you to with the section of your choice.natural stones are porous and stain more readily than other less porous benchtop surfaces. It is also Difficult to repair if cracked or stained. Fabrication can be more expensive than other materials ie. laminates

Concrete is a tailor-made material that’s practical and aesthetic at the same time. And the opportunities for creative expression are many. It starts as a formless, watery mixture, which you can transform into virtually any solid shape you desire. You can then grind, polish, stamp or stain it.Heavy weight makes installation and modification difficult. if the surface is left untreated it will be porous and stain more readily

Manufactured from a coloured acrylic and polyester resin.An acrylic benchtop can be custom bended to create curves and organic shapes as part of the benchtop design. It gives colour Consistency throughout the sheet.Chances of staining are on the higher side
with prolonged exposure to staining agents. it is an expensive choice to make.

These are made from natural Timber Blocks which are coated with several layers of special sealer's and heat resistive coatings which gives its Unique character and appeal. Since Natural it is prone to discolouration and moisture ingress, always make sure that it benchtop is treated properly, ie. Go for the branded ones.

Has a very low scratch resistance as a result it will show lots of streaks and scratches, despite of this it is very durable. always go for higher grades of steel which will give you better finishing.

Since it is non porous it is very easy to clean and maintain a hygienic environment. variety of options are available when it comes to the,. Mirror finish , sand blasted , frosted finish etc.

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