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Tips for selecting Wash Basins/Sinks

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3 years 5 months ago #50 by ben.mathew
Replied by ben.mathew on topic Tips for selecting Wash Basins/Sinks
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3 years 6 months ago #49 by Tony
Tips to select the best Wash Sink/Wash Basin for your Bathroom

These are some pointers for you, which may help you to select the best wash sink/ Wash Basin for your Bathroom . You can classify sinks into four types namely Counter top, Wall-mount, Pedestal and Console type based on how it is placed/ fixed in bathroom

1, Counter Top Basins are one which are kept on top of a counter made of wood/plywood or Granite stone slab.and are normally is a part of vanity unit, which provides a excellent storage space. This category includes the following types of sinks.

a, Integrated/composite type sinks. Both Sink and the counter top are made of the same material, these are very easy to clean and maintain.

b, Under mount Sinks: This type is mounted below the counter-top, the sink basin sits under the lip of the counter-top exposing the edge of the counter-top surface around the sink. With no rim to contend with under mounts are the easiest to clean.
c, Top-Mount or Self-Rimmed Sinks: these are the easiest to install and at times the cheapest ones to buy. top-mount sinks have a rolled over edge so that they can be placed on top of the counter.
d, Above Counter-Sinks: These type of basins are mounted above the counter or partially recessed.

2, Wall mounted sinks are fixed to Bathroom wall at a comfortable height the drainpipe and water supply lines are sometimes visible in this type of wash basins.These type are common in most bathrooms. They come in different shapes and sizes., we also get corner types in the market which can be used in small bathrooms to save space.
3, Pedestal sink consists of a basin on top of a slender base. there are many versions of this type to choose from. They can be considered where counter space or storage isn't a priority. 4, Console is a variant of the wall-mount sink . A console sink is basically a wall-mount sink with legs -- usually two but sometimes four. They typically have generous counter space and open shelving below.
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