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Stage 1: The meeting of minds

Understanding your ideas; style inclination and requirements is essential thus, a face to face interaction (for a home preferably)  with each family member is a must to understand specific taste or needs if any.

At the initial site visit, the designing wing will carry out a detailed analysis of the available space and surroundings and records different dimensions required for a complete blueprint. ( For initial site visit minimal charges as per site location apply )

The rate is fixed as per specific needs and after receiving the token advance Blueprint is prepared and presented within a week with Layout Plan for approval.

Stage 2: The Preview

The detailed information regarding existing furniture and electrical appliances/gadgets are prerequisites for this phase. Design concepts, themes and 2D elevations will be prepared and presented for approval.

Stage 3: The 3D view

Technical Drawings and 3D perspective views are prepared as per the approved Layout plan & 2D elevations and presented for final approval.

Stage 4: The Creation

As per the approved Technical Drawings and 3D perspectives, a BOQ (Bill of Quantities) is prepared. Once it is approved your dream will bloom before your eyes.

Our Goal - To provide our customer with the best of our services and at best competitive value to suit your budget.


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