Pond Dye – Blue for Lakes & Large Ponds

Pack Size: 400 grams (4 WSPs X 100 grams)

Aquaclean Blue WSP is a Blue Pond Dye, it gives the pond a beautiful and pleasing blue shade, which reduces the sunlight penetration thus reducing the growth of Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation like Filamentous Algae, Kara Kara, Aquatic Weeds etc.,

Product Features:

  • Reduces Algae & Weed.
  • Works in all types of Waters.
  • Very economical & Easy to use.
  • Eco-friendly Dye does not contain algicide or herbicide
  • Works naturally by reducing sunlight penetration.
  • Safe for fish, prawn & Vannamei ponds.

Packing: Each pack contains 4 X 100 grams of Water Soluble Sachets.

Dosage: 100 grams WSP can treat 300 to 400 m3

How to Use?

  • Throw the Water-soluble pouch in your pond.

  • Open the outer pack

  • Throw pouch near aerator or fountain for faster dispersion.

Aquaclean Blue WSP
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