Oswa B - 80

Oswa B-80 is a high potency, microbial laden formulation. Having billions of CFU/gram potency in Water Soluble Throw packs. Used for reducing excess ammonia and nitrites through the reduction of organic matter and Sludge (Muck) in Pond water and Pond Bottom.

Reduce Pond Sludge and Foul Odor & Improves Water Clarity & Quality
Pack Size : (10 X 50 grams Water Soluble Pouches) or 10* 200grams = 2000 gms Water Soluble Pouches.


  • Increase water clarity and improves water quality
  • Total Reduction in odour.
  • Increases settle-ability.
  • Reduction in BOD/COD/TSS levels.
  • Restores water quality.
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide.
  • Contains no chemicals and hence environment friendly
  • Removes excess nutrients from the water.


Oswa B-80 improves water clarity by providing good settle ability therefore restoring the aesthetic quality of Ponds. This product is harmless to humans, birds, fish and plant life which is completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance.

Potency: Over 2 Billion CFU/gram.


Oswa B-80 is packed in 10* 50grams = 500 Grams Water Soluble Pouches.


Oswa B-80 is packed in 10* 200Grams = 2000 Grams Water Soluble Pouches.


Initial Dosage for Old Ponds with heavy Suldge / Muck: 3 kgs (15 packs) per Acre every 15 days.
Maintenance: 2 kgs (10 packs) per Acre every 15 days.

Shipping Charges :

Anywhere in India @ Rs 200/-

Oswa B - 80
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